Platonic Solid Educational Toys (Polyhedron Connecter with wooden cylinder)

Hi~ I’m Jay at Print & Play.
This is 3D printable “Platonic Solid Toys” with wooden cylinder. First of all you can get more information with YouTube Video.

1. Supplies
Any cylinder ( I used wooden cylinder(diameter:3mm, lenght:10cm))

2. My printer and slicer setting
– Printer : Flyingbear Ghost4s
– Nozzle : 0.4mm
– Filament : ABS
– Support : No support
– Printing time : 13 hours (60mm/s)
– Slicer : Cura v4.5

3. Free 3D Modeling Source Files (STL)
You could download “Free 3D Modeling STL Source Files” on the link below.
And you also can post below data with CC BY-NC-ND License.

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