Farm & Bunny (Board game for children)

Hello, I’m Jay from Print & Play.

Today, I introduce a board game that children love very much. As expected, it’s a game that’s completed by printing it out on a 3D printer.

It’s been over a year since I made it. I needed some time to sort out the rules while playing games with the kids. (It’s my kids’ favorite game.) It’s easier to print and store, and now it’s up.

The background of the game is the idea of a rabbit sneaking into a pig’s carrot farm and running away with a carrot. It’s a simple game, but it’s good for brain development because it allows children to have a fight with adding calculations. The rough concept is that if you look at the video, it’s very quick to understand, so please refer to the video below.

And 3D STL file data can be downloaded free of charge if you go to the link below.

From now on, we will summarize the entire rules, including the detailed rules.

1. Component Description and Game Preparation

1.1 Component Description
– Base: Farm base, grass bases (3 pieces)
– Personal items: Rabbit and carrot storage(*You need 3 sets for each color)-
– Joint Supplies: Carrots (75 pieces), Large Carrots (12 pieces), Carrot Box, Component Box, Dice, Pig

1.2 Preparing for the Game
– Base Completion – Connects the three grass bases around the farm base.
– Add Carrots – Place small carrots throughout the carrot hole.
– Rabbit and Pig Setting – The pig in the middle places each rabbit at the same starting point as its own color.

2. Game rules

2.1 Basic Flow
– Players throw two dice together when it’s their turn.
– Move your rabbit back and bring the carrot according to the result of the dice you threw.
– If there are 10 carrots, exchange for a large carrot and finish your turn.

2.2 When the dice is numeric + numeric
In this case, the player moves the rabbit by the sum of the two numbers.

– Rabbits can only go straight and move to one place using rabbit holes.
– Rabbits cannot jump over other rabbits or pigs. It’s only possible to stop in front of it.
– Rabbits can only rotate around the edges if they reach the edges of the base.
– The player brings all the carrots where the rabbit passed by.

2.3 In case the dice is pig + number
In this case, the player moves the pig numbers instead of his rabbit.

– Pigs move only inside the farm and cannot use rabbit holes.
– Pigs can return to their past places if they can move freely in many directions.
– Pigs can catch rabbits on the farm and take all the carrots from the rabbits they caught and send them to their starting point.
– In the above case, if there is another rabbit at the starting point where the rabbit will return, select another rabbit starting point to return.
– The player takes all the carrots that the pig passed by and the (small) carrots of the rabbit he caught.

2.4 In case of carrot + number on dice
– In this case, the player places a number of carrots on the base.
– You can’t pick carrots where there are pigs and rabbits. (Same for ‘carrots + carrots’, ‘carrots + pigs’)
– If there is no empty space on the base, the player will take the rest of the carrots.

2.5 Carrot + carrot or carrot + pig on dice

– If carrot+carrot is served, insert the carrot into the empty hole of all bases.
– In the above case, if there are no more than 5 empty holes, the player will take the remaining number of carrots.
– If carrots + pigs come out, put carrots in empty holes in all farm bases.
– In the above case, if there are no more than three empty holes, the player will take the remaining number of carrots.

2.6 In case of pig + pig on the dice
– In this case, the player catches all the rabbits on the farm without moving anything.
– The player brings all the little carrots from the rabbit he catches.
– However, if there are no more than 5 carrots to import, import as many carrots from the bank as you need.

3. Additional Rules and Game Completion

– When the player has 10 carrots, he or she will exchange them for one large carrot.
– Big carrots are not taken away by pigs.
– The person who collects the number of carrots first wins the game.

The game rules are really simple, but it’s hard to explain.
Considering even the most unusual cases, it seems a little difficult, but it’s just a game where you move as many numbers as you get and take a carrot.

The number of carrots that I have to collect in the game, I usually set up four big carrots and play games.
When I play games with my children, I like it better if I give them some carrots as a handicap. I give three to the oldest, five to the youngest, and I usually play games.)

I hope you have a good time printing and enjoy board games.
Thank you~~~

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