Team racing (Board game for children)

Hello, I’m Jay of Print & Play.

‚ÄčToday, I introduce a very simple board game. You can print out the basic base with a color printer and print out the components with a 3D printer.

It’s been more than a year since I made this, and I’ve played a lot of games with my children, so the rules are organized and the play time is not long, so it’s a good game to play simply.

The game is a common dice race game, but the score of the entire team determines the victory or defeat of the game. In other words, even if one car scores first, it can’t win if the other car comes in last. However, dice luck plays a big role in this game. (Even if you want to lose to children, you may not be good at it )

First, you can receive the ZIP file below and print it out.

And I use a lot of 3D printers, so I printed out cars and scoreboards as objects, but if I have only two printed bases and dice, I don’t have the rest of the cars or scoreboards (time opponents) to play the game.

From now on, I will explain the exact rules. However, it doesn’t matter at all if you make rules with your children.

1. Game rules.

– Players throws two dice on his turn and moves forward by the sum.
– However, if there is an event where you arrive, the event will be held one more time.
– If you pass the finish line, you will be on the podium in order.(1st to 5th places and last place)
– When all the cars cross the finish line, the points for each player are added up, and the one with the most points wins.

A game is a simple game that just needs to throw dices and move forward. If you use more than one car, you’ll have a little brain fight, but this is also impossible unless you win an “additional car event,” so luck depends a lot. Therefore, when playing games with children, it is also good to give a larger number of dice and play games.

Then, I hope you have a fun printed life and enjoy board games.
Thank you!

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